tetsu mineta - "folksongs and instrumentals with my guitar"

japans tetsu mineta, hot off the heels of a tape released last year on gertrude tapes, gives forth a collection of self described "folksongs & instrumentals" which encapsulate a joyful and breezy world that does have its roots firmly planted in traditional american folk & blues. (and even veers into indie rawk territory?) tetsu's guitar playing is as always immaculate and only once or twice veers off into an experimental sort of trajectory, but even so still gives the listener a feeling of ease and comfort. this is home recorded perfection, and is a wonderful sample of work. co-released with union pole tapes, in japan - this unread version comes in silk screened covers, in a first edition of 50. also includes digital download.

1. freight train (elizabeth cotten)
2. holiday
3. teenage buttermilk
5. improvised slide guitar
6. room 6
7. flow (alternate mix)

8. instrumental
9. let it come down
10. tombstone
11. flow
12. the future