opal mae wilson - "letters from lonesome dove"
[lathe cut seven inch]

Songs and stories learned and relayed the old way. Five dusty tracks that are like spending a cozy afternoon at creeping charlie's grandma's house before the last turn of the century. Opal's own scratchy guitar and organ recordings, paired with her art in a deluxe book of letters, drawings, and stories, open a portal to scenes from a depressed midwestern river town: scrappy Spanish Flu through Depression-era childhood tales with rough & tumble real-life characters, and pre-digital-era sunlight shining on backyard ornithology, through the window pane on a broken tenor guitar, a dog's daydreams, and a crazy cat napping inside of an organ. Nostalgic and uplifting glimpse into a singular woman's private life story.
Cut on single sided polycarbonate with screened b-side and 20 page book in an edition of XX. co-released with Mighty Feeble and Sweetcorn. includes digital download ($10)

1. anytime
2. organ
3. talking with the neighbor girl
4. red roses for a blue lady
5. that's nothin'