RUDY WALTZ - "the late night saints"

traveling poet, spoken word, junkyard blues, rudy waltz has been around here and there for quite some time. this cassette collects a batch of acoustic crumbles from the late 1990s - previously issused on self-released tapes, but pleasantly birthed again. "the late night saints" presents a great overview of mr. waltz brand of story-songs. hot on the heels of his latest opus "march of dimes" which can be discovered with your ears here.

"wounded monkey (and the late night saints)"
"sunday morning at the first church of sirus"
"the boys in the band"
"hungry dogs"
"run to the sun"
"turned on"

"some old beat"
"beach blanket ascension"
"oil and gold"
"the stripper"
"the fool"
"the drunk"