white shirts = stains

all exclusive tracks from singer-songwriter, bedroom pop loners. an overly exhumed, and exhausted pile of acoustic / electric meanderings, stark instrumentals, pop hook, and storysongs. handmade covers even!

nutrition fun - "quarentine"
jarbaby - "oh my friend"
yak brigade - "aster"
charlie mcalister - "chubby bubby"
buzzsaw - "ground pebbles"
frank peck - "isolationism"
bingo trappers - "hop on hop on"
mirah - "land ho!"
chauchat - "before her eyes"
whip - "once"
fernando - "are you ready for the time of your lifetime?"
dave dondero - "20 years"
super xx man / eric metronome - "run like hell"
will simmons - "in between"
a boy named thor - "the great debate"
mac dare - "my heart ___ when im in love"
the maybellines - "big wheel"
boyish charms - "rock song"
park - "silver"
plundershop - "film strip slip"


This 20-song tape compilation of home recordings offers varying levels of entertainment satisfaction. The opening track inspires you with a barrage of electronic oddities, while inaudible solo guitar dots other parts of the magnetic tape landscape, leaving you either anxiously punching the fast-forward button or reaching for your own acoustic guitar and two track recorder in an attempt to do better. This mish-mash of artists covers a loose spectrum of genres, ranging from folk to country to tortured artist, with varying degrees of musical competence. Notables include Super XX Man and The Maybellines, along with many other small-time local faves anxious for you to hear a sampling of their songs. While you have to sort through some aural garbage, there are definitely some treasures buried here, making your time-consuming search worthwhile in the end. - splendid