wio - "a pig in a poke"

after a handful of cassettes on various labels, and a few lps (k-raa-k)3 - wio returns to form for a wonderful new cassette release. one side of old lost four-track sonic song and buzz and one side of brand new singer-songwriter ballad.

"die4you (part 1)"
"one year stand"
"die4you (part 2)"

"it wont help you if i stay"
"your evil smile"
"i like your style"
"no mail today :-("
"nice present"
"one thing..."
"personified by you"
"i am impatient"
"a pig in a poke"


God whom the format cassette can annoy me. Undoubtedly a form of overdose, as when a ex-smoker finds himself in liaison with somebody who smokes a cigarette or when that an ex-alcoholic finds himself vis-a-vis wine glass. Not. Encumbering, with the characteristic to lose in quality with the wire of listenings and with the bad tendency of the worn cassette players to froisser the bands or to make inextricable garlands of them, this format belongs for me to last and I see of an evil eye certain labels indie/diy/lo-fi continuing to defend and diffuse this kind of format whereas CDR and mp3s are differently easier, cheaper and of a quite higher quality.
But here is that the emblématique and essential personality of the Belgian scene indie decides to leave a cassette on a small label Omaha. Then, taking into account the talent and of the discretion of the catch, nothing to make, it is necessary to type the aforementioned cassette. The principal culprit and dependant in the history it is not so much Unread Records which makes the format that Wio itself because what one will discover here is of a definitely sufficient quality to have deserved to have left rather on the traditional format CD But good, in all and for any Wio never but one CD under its name left, rather accumulating cassettes, vinyls and presences on compilations since half of the Nineties.
With which addresses this album finally? For the first face of the cassette, especially with the fans of Hood first period and in which was interested closely or by far in the multiple careers of the brothers Jefferies Néo-Zélandais: Nocturnal Projections, Cakekitchen, This Kind of Punishment or the albums solo. Indeed, the five titles which occupy the first face offer a more experimental approach which is not without pointing out the Teledroom project in which Wio is implied, but which further goes than this one in a planing vein indie, noisy and folk psychedelic, in Kranky sometimes, and rather filling with enthusiasm. According to the notes of small pocket, they are various beaches which were recorded, years ago without never to have left null leaves. There is the impression here to deal with kind of fallen through projects of album, kind of snake of the Ness Log of which one offers a few pieces chosen to us here. Blow even if it is well done and rather pleasant, that does not have the force of a true disc, rather that of a sum of news in a similar vein. But nevertheless, it is same level as the old men Hood or This Kind of Punishment, it is twisted, noisy, lo-fi but always with this strong sensitivity and these subtle nuances behind. In short, it is deeply regretted especially that these five directions did not give place to a true album on Kraak records a few years ago. To semi-way enters the crushed UFO and to the three quarters buried the desert and a deserted steamer, failed on the wild and sandy coast of a deserted and wild island. Very different and much percussion is the face B of the cassette. Ten arrows in full heart recorded July 17, and 18 2003 by Wio in solo. Then obviously one little to arise the good references, these first albums of Secret The Stars, S, Owen, Minnetonka or Aden, true Holy Graal for each one of them pop lo-fi folk ultra-touching intimist melancholic person. Once again, good god, why leave that on a cassette whereas that justifies thousand times the format CD? One thinks that "intro "will be only one introduction or an interlude but not it is a true song, to the spleen to be cut to the knife, languages of fogs which cling to the sides valleys not wanting to leave with the sun the care to heat. Like an inaccessible happiness, out of reach tended hand, somebody who left or who does not see us as if one were other side of an ice without dye. "It wont help you yew I stay" it is like a rise of tears and sobs which sweeps all on its passage, the waves which erase messages of love written on sand. Very naked and stripped, the emotions and wounds with sharp, one can sink under the ground swell melancholic person of "Your evil smile", to emerge with the luminous one and filling with enthusiasm "I like your style". The tears are transformed into smiling and the eyes have at this time there a so particular dye, if shining, of happiness with a large B.
Beats on "No mall today: - (" us take along in best the indie pop melancholic person and melody typically US who is. All the indicators ignite, detected rare bird, one is the two feet in the extraordinary one, the majority of people pass without anything to see while one remains completely tetanized and upset. "Nice present" connects with same spontaneousness light and disarming.
Then place at a sentimental and autumnal anthem:"One thing... ", like a small word left on the corner of a table and that the other will discover on its return. "Personified by you" rises in the airs, finds the spleen of the departure and faces an invading drizzle which weighs down little by little the state of mind and drowns the appeasing. One badly smells, but in the final analysis that made of the good cry. A small night song then, "I impatient amndt", like wandering at four o'clock in the morning bus of the thoughts, regrets and sentimental concerns prevent us from finding the sleep and a certain serenity.
The cassette finishes on the beach éponyme, "has pig in A poke", which deserves well its place as a hit lo-fi rather irresistible and hopping between its enjouée guitar and its rhythmic and euphoriant keyboards.
In ten songs of sharpened on the face B, Wio once more shows the extent of its genius. One could not too advise you to precipitate you on this cassette whose immense artistic value has of equal only its scarcity. Let us emit also the wish to see soon arriving true CD, filled with rabord in the same vein. - Didier Belgium (raw traslation)